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  • Support Pre-Conference Training – September 17

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    By participating in Support Pre-Conference Training, you are eligible to earn up to 7 CPE credits. You must indicate you would like CPE credits in the evaluation survey: in order to receive your credits.

    Session 1 – Troubleshooting the Web Client for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

    Room: MPR-Dakota Central

    The Web Client for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 utilizes several stack technologies to function both securely and properly. Learn the intimate details around what it takes to support and troubleshoot this application. This session is a must for both Implementers and Functional Consultants.

    This course is best suited for those that have a cursory knowledge of the Web Client. Though the level of knowledge does not need to be deep, an understanding of the core components will be helpful to absorb not only the troubleshooting tools output, but also to understand which tools are needed.

    • Implementation Issue Troubleshooting
      • Common issues – login process, spinning on sessions.aspx, initializing issues, and certificate errors
      • Tools – Fiddler, Netmon/Wireshark
    • Functional Issue Troubleshooting
      • Common issues – Async, printing
      • Tools – Fiddler
    • Contacting Support for Assistance
      • How to engage support, how to properly log a case, running the support diagnostic


    Session 2 – Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 – The In’s and Out’s of Human Resource and Payroll with All Add On’s

    Room: MPR – Dakota East

    This will be a hands on, interactive course to get you prepared for your next HRP implementation. Attendees should have Human Resource and Payroll installed for GP 2013. We will cover gotcha’s and issues commonly seen in support as well as highlighting GP 2013 features and touch on the GP2013 WebClient Human Resources and Payroll functionality.

    If you are interested in learning Microsoft Dynamics GP Human Resources and Payroll in a fast-paced, informative atmosphere, this training is for you. Our all day training will combine feature tips and troubleshooting – giving you more knowledge to effectively troubleshoot common HRP issues customers run into.

    • Key Learning 1: Go deep into the inner workings of Human Resources and Payroll
    • Key Learning 2: Learn the Microsoft Dynamics GP HRP 2013 features and why so many partners are excited about the new pricing structure
    • Key Learning 3: Go deep into the inner workings of Advanced Payroll and Human Resources


    Session 3 – Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Reporting – SQL Server Reporting Services

    Room: MPR – Dakota West

    This group of sessions is designed to focus on the hot reporting topics in Dynamics GP.

    • SQL Server Reporting Services and Business Analyzer
      • Business Analyzer Development and Setup
      • Business Analyzer Installation and Usage Tips
      • System Requirements and Supported Environments
      • SSRS Report Deployment
      • Security Setup
      • Creating New SSRS Reports
    • Management Reporter
      • Introduction/Getting Started in Management Reporter
      • Maintenance Free Reporting in Management Reporter
      • Using the Management Reporter Web Viewer
    • Word Templates
      • Installation of Word Templates Add-in
      • Background on Templates and How They Function
      • Word Document Formatting Tips
      • Advanced Tips
      • Troubleshooting


    Session 4 – Accelerated Demos presented by John Dooley

    Room: Jefferson

    This all day session will help your sales team ramp streamlined demo content to respond to prospects demo requests and technical information education.

    We will cover Microsoft’s Accelerated Demo Framework in a hands on workshop for your team.  We will brand and build your own web demos for your sales team to share with prospects.  This  workshop will cover building  demos from Storyboarding, building demos DemoMate, branding your own demos, Video output and setting up and using Dynemo.

    As a hands-on workshop you are asked to bring a  machine with a demo image loaded, Demomate installed and licensed and a few storyboard ideas for your own demos.  You will leave the workshop with the knowledge and experience to build your own demos and to leverage Microsoft  demo content and tools.

    • During the workshop we will cover the following:
      • Designing and storyboarding your own demos.
      • Leveraging prebuilt Microsoft to accelerate your process.
      • Building demos with DemoMate ( editing, demo scripts, voice over and publishing to Trial and video output)
      • Configuring Dynemo for your sales organization and leverage Metric, custom links and Microsoft CRM 2011 integration.
      • Building short video introduction to your demos with Videoscribe from Sparkol.
      • Hands-on building your own demos and accelerated selling content.
    • Requirements for workshop:
      • Your own machine with local or web access to your own demo image.
      • DemoMate installed and licensed.
      • Video Editing software.  (We will cover Camtasia for screen capture for video out)
      • Videoscribe licence or trial.

    Please Note: PAH hours cannot be used for Accelerated Demos by John Dooley.